I've worked with a number of very talented artists from Sepalcure to Kamau on visual storytelling for their live shows. I work in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Unreal Engine, and feed my source material through a real-time video effect software called VDMX.


I tend to focus on visuals that create atmosphere around the music as I feel this creates a more lasting effect on the viewer. The fluctuating nature of color accuracy + resolution in outputting my material over a variety of projectors at different venues becomes a big design consideration in color pallete/detail.


Above is an excerpt from Beshken's spring tour, first premiered at the now defunct palisades venue seen in the video below(11:10-22:20). This project spanned the east and west coast over the course of the spring and summer of 2016. Unreal engine was a critical component to this set utilizing many 3D characters in real-time.


The videos above are excerpts from Sepalcure's sets at Echoplex in LA and the Independent in SF. As their music is very atmospheric and rhythmic I wanted to evoke a more abstract quality in the visuals and opted to use many custom built particle effects to accompany the music.